Thursday, December 2, 2010

LOS EMPRESARIOS-Sabor Tropical (Fort Knox Recordings, 2011)

I don't think it's necessary for me to state that I love pretty much everything these guys at Fort Knox Recordings have been releasing since 2003. I think I have used and abused their tracks in plenty of my megamixes (most notably on my latest one, Barbarie where they've been featured more than once) and it's time to pay back by giving some blog love to them, because, although they are always present on my sets,  they've been unfairly neglected on The Hard Data.
Well, there it goes: I love Fort Knox Five in all its incarnations, the band, the DJs and the record label. I could even go as far as saying they're among my top 5 favorite record labels, and they could easily become number one if only they started releasing more 7'' singles of, for example, stuff like Los Empresarios "Cumbia." (BTW: I got that one funky 7'' you released earlier this year and it was dope, I demand more!)
Anyway, I was really surprised when I got the Fort Knox compilation The New Gold Standard Vol. 2 and found a cumbia track in it. I remember I was on my way to the studio, to work on some cumbia tracks of mine, listening to this release on my headphones and that song came out and it blew my mind, not only because it was tight, but also because what it meant that this record label I loved (did I said that enough?) was releasing something in this now-oh-so-hip genre which I've been pushing for so long. I thought, "Wow, if Fort Knox gets into cumbia and they start releasing shit, with their standards of great taste and quality and those dope-ass funky beats you can always count on them for, that's it man, I'm turning back and never finishing that track I've been working on since forever because there's no chance I can compete with that!"
Well, they did end up releasing a full Empresarios album (available on January 2011), but unfortunately (or fortunately for my cumbia world domination plans) there's only one cumbia track in it, the same one that I already had. Not that the rest is any bad, but I expected at least one more cumbia. There's some dub, some reggaetón and plenty of good ol' Latin funk with enough amazing breaks to make me wanna drop this writing right now and start sampling the shit out of it for my next megamix. But only one cumbia?

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Ken said...

That Cumbia song is very dope indeed. They asked me to remix Negrita Linda. Just finished and sent it to them yesterday. Look out for a Feb or March release.