Sunday, December 12, 2010

BIO RITMO-Dina's Mambo/La Muralla (Electric Cowbell, 2010)

The guys from Bio Ritmo complain that they can't really find their niche audience because, unlike most other salsa bands playing the bar circuit, these guys only play original compositions of their own and none of the typical covers that idiotic salsa dancers favor (come on guys, even you have to get bored of listening to "El Cuarto De Tula" for the zillionth time!). On the other hand, they charge, the Latin alternative audience won't give them the time of day because their sound is very roots, has no modern fusions. So, not being able to please ones or the others, they made the smartest choice possible: play some tight old-school flavored Latin funk (think 70's Bataan, Palmieri, Mandrill) and put it on wax, DJ's and diggers will sure show you some love.
Now you all know I'm not into salsa at all, but I can appreciate the old school Fania style of salsa dura infused with groovy funk and soul and there's no better way to enjoy that type of music than in vinyl records. So when I saw this 7'' recently released by Electric Cowbell, one of my favorite new record labels that exclusively releases music in this format, I had to buy it right away, even though  already had the tracks on MP3.
There's one instrumental funk track and one straight-up salsa dura on the other side and it comes with some long-ass liner notes and the art (which I'm not too crazy about, but it's definitely better than that one by label-mates Spanglish Fly) was done by the band's singer.
Buy it here.

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