Friday, December 17, 2010


Continuing with the end-of-the year's annoying lists, here's one for audio-visual delights:

Bombay from gmtv on Vimeo.

1.- El Guincho - Bombay: This one has everything you need to have if you want to be at the top of my top-11. Take note: gratuitous nudity, mexican wrestling masks, a boombox and a secret cult. It's like all the clichés of my favorite sexploitation movies thrown together in a video for a song that doesn't have anything to do with any of this. In fact I'm not too crazy about the song. It's just the video that I love.

Calma Pueblo - Calle 13 from calma pueblo on Vimeo.

2.- Calle 13 - Calma Pueblo: Before, artists would make videos aimed to be played on MTV, since MTV lost relevance and sites like Youtube took over, artists have the freedom of including in their videos things that would've never passed the MTV filter, like full frontal nudity. Plenty of boobies and hairy balls to please everybody on this great video. Plus the lyrics are pretty dope too.

3.- Nouvelle Vague - Mala Vida: A viral video produced with zero budget and it's a million times better than most of the videos out there produced with millions of dollars. I really don't know for sure if it's rehearsed and staged or it's actually an impromptu jam, but the lack of camera stability and good sound makes it pretty believable. Plus, the girls are a lot hotter than Manu Chao.

4.- Andrés Calamaro - Las Tres Marías: Rock en Español legend Andrés Calamaro was tired of people making cumbias out of his songs and getting all the credit, so he decided to make a cumbia himself. The video has so many guests that's like a who-is-who or the Argentine scene (including a controversial appearance by a renown politician) and it's done in web-cam style, ready for youtube. Genius.

5.- Capri - Michael Forever: The world-wide obsession with post-mortem Michael Jackson reached its peak during 2010. Capri dropped a mind-blowing funky-techno debut in 2005 with borrowed plenty from his idol Michael Jackson (some very recognizable samples...), back when nobody was paying him any attention. Now, five years later he payed formal tribute to the King with this song, which paradoxically doesn't have any explicit reference to the youngest of the Jackson Five in the music or lyrics.

6.- Kumbia Queers - Feriado Nacional: Talking about Michael Jackson tributes, here we have the Queer Queen Ali Gua Gua doing the moonwalk. Enough said.

7.- Subsuelo - Somniloquio: For all the fans of Madlib's brand of hip-hop, here's the Spanish response with a guest appearance by Stones Throw Records' star Declaime. From now on, whenever I run into someone who thinks that Pitbull is what hip-hop in Spanish sounds like, I'll smack their faces with this.

8.- El Hijo De La Cumbia - La Mara Tomaza: This song came out over two years ago, but the video didn't come out until early 2010. Still, it's a killer track that hasn't lost any power and it remains as a central piece in all my DJ sets.

9.- Rey Pila - No Longer Fun: I don't know why this guy sings in English if he's from Mexico and why he doesn't cut that horrible hair that distracts me from the beauty of the video. But I do know this song is funky and catchy as aids. The style of the video reminds me a lot of Babasónicos videos at their best.

10.- Dante feat. Resiente - Pa Trás: The video itself is pretty bad, especially since he added that embarrassing audio-tuned interlude in the middle. I just find it amusing that in Residente's absence he invited Andrés Calamaro (returning the favor from #4) and the two queens of youtube Latin bizarre: Wendy Sulca and La Tigresa Del Oriente.

11.- BONUS TRACK - Los Wikipedia - La Cumbia Gramatical: This one will be understood exclusively by native Spanish speakers. A fake group from a comedy TV show in Argentina makes "educational" cumbia villera. They have one about philosophy, one about geography, one about math and this one, my personal favorite since I'm a writer, about grammar. Funny thing is, what the lyrics say is quite accurate and they are catchy enough for the school kids to memorize them; so ironic as it can be, some might have actually improved their grades in 2010 thanks to these videos.  PS: Before you ask, no, I don't know the meaning of the verb "rescatar" in villero slang.

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