Tuesday, December 28, 2010


And I left this one list for the end. It's really hard for me to compile a list of 11 albums, because, as I've pointed out many times before, I don't really care for albums that much, I prefer smaller formats like singles and EPs. I get albums, I listen to them once, I save the songs I like and/or can use on my sets and I get rid of the rest and never listen to it again. In this time and age, when like 90% of the music DJ's play come from soundcloud and shared files alike, albums are almost an anomaly kept alive only to please nostalgic rock fans and capricious record label execs. There are extremely few albums I like as a whole where I can enjoy each and every one of the songs, a lot less if I can only count Latin music albums, for this blog. So here we go, these are the 11 albums I saved in their entirety in 2010, without deleting any of the songs from my hard-drive. (Compilations and reissues don't qualify).

File under: Cumbia-dub.
Reason to keep it all: I've been waiting for this to be released for over two years and honestly, I wouldn't be able to wait much more. Since I saw that video of Mad Professor mixing this on youtube, I knew this was going to be a must-have, I'm happy to announce I wasn't wrong in my prediction.
Mixability: Out of 14 tracks, 13 went straight to my playlist and you'll definitely hear some of it on my next megamix. Most tracks come in two versions, the original and the dubbed-out one. Great for playing around and do some live remixing.
Favorite track: "Chuchusteady"
Available: CD if you happen to live in Colombia, Amazon.com for everybody else.

2.- KUMBIA QUEERS-La Gran Estafa del Tropipunk
File under: Kumbia Grrrls With Attitude.
Reason to keep it all: Toy Selectah and Pablo Lescano both contributed to the production of this masterpiece. Need any more reasons?
Mixability: Unlike Queers previous work, this one is obviously a lot more DJ friendly, with plenty of club-oriented bangers. Still they keep it real to their punk roots and that's why I love them so fucking much!
Favorite track: "Celosa"
Available: In Argentina and Mexico only?

3.- CALLE 13-Entren Los Que Quieran
File under: Rap en español with brain.
Reason to keep it all: Anything with Residente rapping on it is worth keeping because you keep discovering dope hidden verses with further attentive listening.
Mixability: It's not a club-oriented album, but still has a couple of dance-floor bangers. He even dumbs down the lyrics level on "Vamos a Portarnos Mal," an otherwise-mediocre merengue-rap tailor-made for the evidently drunk and raunchy late-night crowd. And it works great.
Favorite track: "El Hormiguero."
Available: If you could find this blog, you certainly have enough knowledge to find this album -or its bootleg- without any effort.

4.- PONCHO-Ponchototal
File under: Daft-Punk meets Argentine rock.
Reason to keep it all: From the first one to the last one, they're are all certified club bangers. I personally didn't care for the Banda de Turistas' song (paradoxically that's the one they made a video of), but over all this album has no filler.
Mixability: You can tell when a great DJ is the brain behind a great album because all the tracks are ready to be mixed, beats are strong and they have monumental break-downs
Favorite track: "D.I.S.C.O." has crossover potential to become a massive worldwide hit.
Available: Everywhere Nacional Records CD's and/or downloads are available.

File under: Brazilian soul.
Reason to keep it all: Honestly, I first bought only four tracks from this, but I like them so much that I went back and bought the whole album.
Mixability: Not really a dance piece, actually quite the opposite. I just bought this one to play while we have breakfast with bloody-marys with my girlfriend during the weekends. I'm planning on sampling some of it on my next megamix.
Favorite track: "Cirandar"
Available: Everywhere, in every format, including double vinyl LP!

6.- MATORRALMAN-Guateque Estelar
File under: Sample-based retro psychedelia.
Reason to keep it all: I loved the concept, the aesthetics, the sound, the samples used. It's very original. I just wish more music like this would come out from Mexico instead of all the other crap.
Mixability: It's definitely mix-friendly but not necessarily dance-floor oriented unless you have a very open minded crowd. Perfect for DJing at cocktail lounges.
Favorite track: "Go Go Girl."
Available: Everywhere Nacional Records CD's and/or downloads are available.

7.- EMPRESARIOS-Sabor Tropical 
File under: All the Latin rhythms you can eat.
Reason to keep it all: OK, maybe not all the album is that great. I don't really care for the reggaetón tracks. If I wanted to play reggaetón in my set I already have all the commercial crap that's on the radios and that's what the reggaetón audience likes anyway. The dub, the cumbia and the Latin funk are exquisite.
Mixability: It has the Fort Knox Five seal of approval, there's no doubt that this will be fire on the turntables like everything else they release.
Favorite track: "Cumbia."
Available: It'll hopefully be available soon. Vinyl singles? Please?!

8.- GRUPO FANTASMA-El Existential
File under: Chicano Cumbia/Latin Funk.
Reason to keep it all: Best cumbia live band in the US and maybe world wide.
Mixability: Real cumbia lovers will dig this for sure. Pop-cumbia, nü-cumbia and sonidero listeners won't get it, but fuck them, I've been playing at least three of these tracks on my sets and I don't care if they get them or not, I love them!
Favorite track: "La Conozco."
Available: On Itunes, Emusic, etc. Probably on CD somewhere. Unfortunately no vinyl.

9.- SACASSAIA-Sampleando Deus e o Mundo
File under: MPC-based Brazilian hip-hop and beyond.
Reason to keep it all: After listening to so much orthodox Paulista hip-hop and cheesy baile funk Carioca, it was very refreshing to find out such eclectic mix of styles and influences, combined with admirable sense of good taste and sophistication while being accessible to pop crossover audiences.
Mixability: I've been mixing "El Culebrón" in my sets a lot but there are plenty other DJ friendly tracks, like their remarkable cover of "Genius of Love."
Favorite track: "Ululai"
Available: Free download on their site!

10.- CHAVEZ-Morón City Groove
File under: Nü-cumbia-reggae-urban-pop.
Reason to keep it all: I've been spinning the demo versions of many of these tracks for a couple of years before the official release dropped. Now I just replaced them with the new, better sounding versions.
Mixability: Six out of the ten tracks are mandatory on my sets. They blend in perfectly with every nü-cumbia out there.
Favorite track: "Antares"
Available: Only in Argentina?

11.- SKA CUBANO-Mambo Ska
File under: Mambo Ska?
Reason to keep it all: They are from England, they combine Cuban with Jamaican roots in their music and somehow they manage to come up with some of the best analog cumbias any hardcore Colombian cumbiero could conceive. I loved every single release by these guys since they came out, I'm sorry I feel I neglected them a bit on this blog.
Mixability: Not necessarily mixer-friendly since they have not been recorded with a DJ as target audience. But you can definitely just go ahead and drop any of these in your sets and real cumbia appreciators will go nuts.
Favorite track: "Cumbia del Monte"
Available: Itunes, Emusic, Amazon and everywhere else.


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Juan Data said...

I had never in my whole life tried to do a review of a merengue album. Just go ahead and read back in this blog and try to find any merengue review, ZERO.I happen to consider merengue and bachata the two ugliest non-Mexican music genres that ever came out from Latin America. You don't have to agree, that's just my personal opinion and if you don't like it, go read another blog (like club fonograma, I bet you she's got a favorable review there) or make your own with your own opinions and make all the fun you want of Kumbia Queers.
Ironically it was one of those "fat clowns," as you call them, who sent me Rita Indiana's album. You are anonymous because you don't have balls, period.

Luciana said...

Oh this explains a lot...
Its sad that you don't like bachata/merengue. I hope you at least respect them as they form the musical bases (along with Cuban music) for Latin American music as a whole.
The instruments, composition, lyrical content, polyrhythms, melody structure...etc all helped us get where we are today w/Latin music.


Juan Data said...

That explains a lot? There was nothing that needed explaining if you just read back through my previous postings from the last three years. My personal taste is openly expressed throughout the blog and everyone who follows it knows that. You just landed here by chance because of Rita Indiana and that's why you were a bit confused. I'm glad we are on the same page now.
Regardless, the whole thing about merengue and bachata influencing ALL Latin music is absolute bullshit. You hope I respect it? Why? What if I don't? I hope you respect Argentine rock from the 80's as the foundation to all modern Latin music that came after, lol, same thing could be said about almost any other music style.


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You should read more of my blog and you'd learn that I'm the last one to be patriotic and defend my nationality. I was randomly born in Argentina, I didn't chose to be born there, but I did chose to leave that country and never go back, so don't expect me to defend it.
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You're the one talking about stuff you don't know about: you talk about me, and you don't know me, you talk about the size of my dick and you don't know it (you girlfriend probably does, she masturbates looking at my videos, go ahead ask her). I admitted I know nothing about merengue music and that's why I don't talk about it. I've never posted a review about merengue. I just made fun of Rita Indiana the same way I had always made fun of plenty of other artists from all nationalities and genres, Argentines, Colombians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, etc. Take your time, read my previous posts. Nobody ever got offended until I touched your queen. Seems like besides grammar education you also need a sense of humor.
LIke I've said many already, if you don't agree you don't have to read it. Go and write your own blog (after you learn how to write properly) and write about the music that you like or don't instead of infesting mine. Meanwhile, I get paid for my music writing and I make a living out of it. Who's the loser?


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Juan Data said...

Go ahead do some research, you do't have to look that far, just here on this blog, or on my personal website you'll find plenty of information. Because, unlike you, I'm not hiding behind a fake name, I'm accessible to the public, anyone can contact me. So, go read my articles, download my mixtapes, you might be surprised. By the way, it's spelled loser, not looser, kid.