Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TATO TORRES & YERBABUENA-La Casita de Chema (Alala Records, 2010)

First I was excited when I saw this one at the record store because I thought it was a collaboration between some dude called Tato Torres and that Yerba Buena band of Andrés Levin that made a lot of noise back in the early 2000's. Then I was disappointed to find out that this Yerbabuena is not really Yerba Buena, they are two completely different bands... from the same city, New York.
Now, how dumb is that? You guys have not heard of a thing called Google where you can type any bullshit made-up word you came up with and see how many hundreds of suckers around the globe are already using that as a band name?
Anyway, then I played the record and I was again disappointed because it was just traditional Puerto Rican music, and I was expecting some sort of modern fusion or at least something more funky (in a Bronx River Parkway kinda way). Ok, one of the tracks has a monumental drum break (that I'll probably sample), but still I'm not really that deep into Boricua shit. 
But then I went on-line to see who is it that's putting out this stuff and I found out Alala Records is a fairly new label (they only have three releases that I know of) started by no other than the great Bobbito García, a DJ and old school hip-hop radio personality that I always admired. And to know that this legit Latino with a b-boy soul has started a record label that's releasing exclusively 7'' singles (my favorite format!), that got me way more excited than I ever was in the beginning of this post when I first encountered the record. I love 7'' singles and I'll buy any release in this format that's remotely "Latin but cool" and having the seal of approval of a taste-maker I respect, well, you can count me in as a regular customer, Alala Records. Keep 'em coming!

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