Thursday, October 7, 2010

SPANGLISH FLY-Let My People Bugalú (Electric Cowbell Records, 2010)

This review should've been attached to the previous one. But I've just got this in the mail today. Yes, another 45RPM single released by another fairly new record label that exclusively presses singles in that format and are also located in New York. Also, another release by a New York-based band with an unfortunately lame name. In this case however, there's a lot more funk, in fact, that's the main ingredient.
This guys make some really cool old-school flavor Latin funk/soul. There are some vocals sung by a girl but the main focus is on the instrumental stuff and I like it like that. Maybe they're not as solid as Bronx River Parkway or Spam Allstars yet, but I like it quite a bit and I think they can get a lot more interesting if they keep progressing in the correct direction. So don't let the horrible amateurish artwork guide your decisions and give them a chance.
Anyway, what I really wanted to say is that I'm very optimistic about this revival of the vinyl and the 7'' format in particular, that's finally reaching Latin music (remember how excited I was last year by Shakira's 7'' release?). I know most of you people don't give a shit about this vinyl fetish, only shared by a few DJ's and nerdy collectors, but I'm planning to come out soon with a 7'' of my own and I think the market conditions for such an enterprise are more than proper. With CD's almost completely out of the race and legal digital sales representing less than 5% of the music downloaded from the internet (less than 0.1% in Latin America) it's time for a cute tangible format like this to makes its glorious come back.

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