Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WILLIE COLON & HECTOR LAVOE-"Aguanile," Toy Selectah Remixes (Fania, 2010)

I hate salsa dancers. You've probably heard me say this many times before, but there, I said it again. As a DJ who plays Latin (but cool) music, nobody annoys me more than salsa dancers. They are a royal pain in the ass and they dress in horrible fashion. Yes, I do admit that my absolute lack of body coordination with its resulting dancing impairment make me envy their gracious moves, but that's not the source of my aversion toward these creatures. I hate salsa dancers because they are show-offs who only want to dance salsa because that's all they know (the moment you start playing something else they come to the DJ booth requesting more salsa) and because they do not understand, appreciate or even care about DJ mixing skills. They think you're just standing there with the finger in the "play" button waiting for their requests. They want you to play the song they want right away and even worse, they expect you play the whole song from the beginning to the last note, and if you can leave a couple of seconds of silence before the next one so they can trade couples and give a round of applause, like the bunch of idiots they are, as if there was a live band performing on stage. If you wanna be a DJ but you don't wanna waste time learning how to mix and beat match properly, and you prefer relying on other people's taste to make your selections, then just play for that crowd, they'll sure appreciate your "skills."
Now, my antagonism with salsa dancers, might have been misunderstood with a disliking of salsa music itself and the truth is that in recent years I've gotten a lot more interested in salsa music, especially the old school Fania catalog from the 70's, when salsa was still very Afro and very "street" (before it became "whitened" and bastardized to make it more radio friendly and commercial in the format of "salsa romántica," ew). And of all old school salsa masters, Willie Colón is definitely my favorite.
Well, guess what, Fania Records is releasing a series of remixes of their classics and this first one was done by no other than the remix master himself, Toy Selectah. I like the Willlie Colón's "Aguanile" original because of its heavy afro percussion, but I think I'm liking these two dubby remixes a lot more because Toy pretty much removed all the dance potential off the song, transforming it into something completely different, a sort of shamanic cosmic trip. I don't know of his original intentions, and I don't know about Toy's feelings toward salsa dancers, but for me at least, having taken a great dancefloor-packer like that and turned it into this is a huge FUCK YOU! in the faces of all those annoying dancers with their silk shirts and those shiny shoes. Thank you Toy, you made my day!

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oz said...

this post is the truth!
i played this track last night and it is it's own ritual, bless Toy!