Thursday, September 16, 2010

NORTEC COLLECTIVE'S BOSTICH+FUSSIBLE-Bulevar 2000 (Nacional Records, 2010)

People tend to assume that I like Nortec. I guess their reasoning is: "oh, you play Latin music but you're so hip and into new trends, you must really love these guys." In reality, however, I never liked techno and nothing in this world annoys me more than Mexican "regional" music. So why am I expected to like the combination of both?
Back when they started, it sounded like a clever idea; a bunch of techno nerds from TJ making fun of chuntie music, ha-ha. But a decade plus later, it's not even ironic anymore. Now it seems that they really are into that crap, and you can dress it up in synths and samplers all you want, but it still sounds like taquería background noise to me. Even if you sing in English and you put English titles to eight out of your eleven songs.
Anyway, I'm not saying that Bulevar 2000 is a bad album (BTW, is Bulevar the chuntie spelling for Boulevard, like in St. Germain's debut album? Now that was some great music!) or Nortec are bad musicians; I know a lot of people who are into this and are going to love this shit. Some of them are not even Mexican.

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gutted said...

that was really really heavy. cheers!