Thursday, September 9, 2010

LOCOS POR JUANA-Evolución (La Juana Music, 2010)

I gotta give these guys some credit for being the only ones, ever, in the history of this blog, who took offense at one of my posts and actually wrote back. Man, back when I used to write in printed magazines (remember those?) people used to get really pissed off sometimes and send me death-threats (Akwid) or even record whole songs dissing me (Sindicato).
The printed word has a much stronger impact, obviously. Nobody really cares what people post on-line, maybe because we all know any twelve years old girl can do it. The thing is, I've been hating on a whole lot of motherfuckers on this blog, and nobody ever seems to be bothered... except for this Miami band who actually wrote me twice complaining about my review of their album. So I guess I gotta thank them for taking my word so seriously, when apparently nobody else does.
Back then I said they sounded like a salsa-bar-band and that I didn't like the way they rap. I just found this new EP they recently released independently (no more Machete Records?) and let me tell you, I do see some of that evolution they evoke in the title. They do not sound like a bar band any more, and they are fully immerse in the afro-colombian roots (cumbia and champeta) which makes them a lot more interesting than before. Even their rap has gotten a tiny better. And to make things even more interesting, they added some dope remixes (I really liked the one by DJ Pauer) and cool art by the ubiquitous Afro-Mestiza. Good job!


Taca said...

Ja ja!! Que sera de la vida de los Awkid?!
ja ja ja

Jimmy said...

Locos kills it live! Big Ups to Itagui. Music has evolved for sure. Juan you were right about the sound.

cole said...

Wow , I love Locos Por Juana , have all of their music, You should check them out if they come to SF. , but i think they only play on the east cost. I also love Juana La Loca ( confusing names) para mi..