Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RANIL-Ranil's Jungle Party (Masstropicas, 2010)

I was recently DJing at this Peruvian event and this one extremely hot Peruvian girl approached me, with a glass of Pisco Sour in her hand. She said she was from the jungle, in the Amazonian part of Peru, near the frontier with Brazil. She also said that the hottest women in Peru came from there, and judging by her looks, I have to agree.
So I asked her, "hey, do you know Ranil?" and she looked at me as if I just landed with my spaceship in Machu Pichu and I was asking for directions to the Andromeda galaxy. She said she never heard of that name, and then she confessed that she barely knew any chicha (that's Peruvian Jungle psychedelic cumbia for you) because she left the country when she was too young, and waaaaay before Barbés Records from New York unleashed the current world-wide chicha fever that made this music cool for youth consumption... four decades after its original release.
Anyway, Barbés is still publishing some chicha gems (they're coming out soon with the second volume for The Roots Of Chicha compilation) and recently Spain's VampiSoul put out the Cumbia Beat comp too and now to add to this world-wide phenomenon, a Massachussetts-based new label releases in limited-print vinyl-only the first of a series of LP's compiling the work of unknown chicha masters of the golden age. This first one focuses on this guy called Ranil who was an influential musician in the genre back in the 70's and later retired to work as a music industry exec, a journalist and politician.
How do I know this? It's not like I'm a chicha expert myself. I was just showing off in front of that voluptuous beauty, but I also wouldn't have any idea who this dude was if it wasn't for the fact that my fellow blogger from the masstropicas blog asked me to translate the story for the LP's insert and then, in exchange, sent me a free copy of the record. And you know, there's few things in this world I like more than free vinyl!
There're twelve tracks of pure psychedelic guitar, many of them instrumentals, but some with vocals too and you can get your copy from this link. Hurry up, they only printed one thousand.

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