Wednesday, August 25, 2010

POLOCK-Getting Down From The Trees (Nacional Records, 2010)

First thing I thought when I first played this was: What? A band from Spain singing in English? Are we still in 1992? What's wrong with these guys? Can't they just do it in their own language? Why are my friends in Nacional Records releasing this?
Then after I played the second song I decided they sounded way too much like Phoenix. And that reminded me that I used to love that one Phoenix song (back in like 2001) and hey! Those Phoenix guys are French and I wasn't pissed off by their singing in English, in fact, it didn't bother me at all. Maybe I should give these Spaniards a fair chance. (By the way, don't you hate the word Spaniard? What's wrong with the good ol' Spanish? Is it too Mexican for your Gringo ears?)
So I uploaded the album to my Ipod and listened to it while I walked around the lake in the hottest day of this summer, wishing I could be naked at the beach instead, and it was the most adequate soundtrack I could've ever imagined. OK, Polock, you are forgiven, you can sing in any language you like, I don't care.

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Anonymous said...

they are a great band, i want the album!