Monday, August 9, 2010

MALA RODRIGUEZ-Dirty Bailarina (Universal, 2010)

I really don't care about this girl anymore. I got this album about ten days ago and I didn't get around to listen to it until today, not for lack of time but for lack of interest.
I used to be her biggest fan back in the day. When she came out as La Mala María on those first guest appearances on La Gota Que Colma and SFDK albums, back in '98 and '99, respectively, she blew all our minds. And by "our" I'm referring to the minds of the few of us who used to pay attention to Spanish rap back then, most of you were watching other channels. But back then she was amazing, with my homies we used to listen to "Una de piratas" again and again, we couldn't believe that a woman did that!
Then she crossed over with her successful solo career and she's been getting softer and weaker with each new album she released. At least in her earlier work she was still trying to prove herself as a hip-hop MC and she always invited dope guests to flow on her tracks. She was never a great lyricist, but she had more style than most, so she made up for the lack of good rhymes with the help of guest rhymers (from Violadores del Verso's Kase-O to Calle 13's Residente).
For her fourth solo effort, however, it seems as she totally gave up on hip-hop all together. Her beats are more pop and dance oriented, she sings more than she raps, and she has no significant guests, only female MC Mefe on one short verse and flamenco singer Estrella Morente on a loungy downtempo track. Not enough to please the hip-hop heads.
But she doesn't give a shit. Overall, she seems totally detached from the Spanish hip-hop scene where she came from (except for a couple of beats producer by Griffi and Sr. T-Cee). Saying you know Spanish hip-hop because you listen to La Mala is like saying you know Los Angeles hip-hop because you listen to post-Fergie Black Eyed Peas. Wack.

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