Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If Juan Data Says It's Carnaval...

Now that everybody and their mothers in the US media are finally catching up and falling in love with French-Chilean rapper Anita Tijoux,  thanks to Nacional Records releasing her second solo album 1977,  it's time to remind everybody, once again, who was the first journalist to write about her around here, both in English and Spanish.

Here's one of the first articles I've ever got published in English. Wrote in the year 2000 after my second visit to Santiago de Chile to see the last show of Makiza's first incarnation before their break-up. The article was published on Vapors Magazine, back then a black and  white fanzine out of Sacramento California. This fourth issue of the magazine that later moved to Los Angeles, came out in January 2001.

By the end of 2001 I wrote this other article, in Spanish, for then LA-based magazine with national distribution, La Banda Elástica, once again focusing on Makiza's female vocalist and her outstanding talent.

Ten years later, you all caught up. Come check out her show next Monday, July 19th at The Elbo Room (her first time in San Francisco!) and see it for yourself. Oh, and next time I tell you to pay attention to a new upcoming artist, you know what to do.

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