Thursday, July 8, 2010

EL CHAVEZ-Morón City Groove (Bingo Records, 2010)

Morón is one of my favorite places in Buenos Aires outskirts. Located to the west of the country's capital, less than an hour away by train, it has a mythical aura related to the origins of the local hip-hop scene, where some of the first generation b-boys and MC used to gather in back in the 80's. So I used to go to Morón quite a bit, to meet with local rappers or to buy CD's at one of the few specialized record stores that existed back then. But far from being just that idealized hip-hop conclave, Morón always had a lot of cumbia going on and you can sense it from the moment you get off the train and you see all the bootleggers on the sidewalk. It makes sense then that a guy like El Chávez hails from Morón City and dedicates his first album to this legendary place.
I've been waiting for Chavez's debut for a while now. Most neo-cumbia fans should be already familiar with him because a handful of his tracks have been bouncing around the net for the last couple of years and two of them at least had been mandatory pieces of my DJ sets since I got ahold of them. But I wanted more and finally here it is, a whole album of one of the pioneers of the new cumbia trend in Buenos Aires who unexplainably hasn't gotten (yet) the same amount of attention Zizek producers received.
El Chavez comes from a mestizo-rock background very much influenced by reggae and dub and this is very noticeably in his original approach to cumbia. But his aesthetics and topics are a lot more barrio-friendly than the artsy minimalism of most Zizek latest releases, however it does go hand in hand with some of the early Zizek stuff like Fauna's "Canibal" or that memorable Maestroshao's "Anticumbia". Anyway, his version of electronic thirdwroldist new-cumbia shares more with the dirty grimy style of some of Cabeza Netlabel's releases. Still, it'd make a great addition to the Nacional Records catalog, don't you think?
I hope it gets released for the international market soon and having some of these tracks in vinyl wouldn't hurt either. Check out this dope video and you too will be wanting to drop this one at your next party.

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