Thursday, June 24, 2010

PALENQUE PALENQUE-Champeta Criolla & Afro Roots in Colombia (Soundway 2010)

Since the emergence of neo-cumbia a few years ago, DJ's and producers worldwide have been desperately researching and digging for the roots of this sound. They probably first encountered the corny Argentine or Mexican current commercial cumbia and eventually made their ways towards the original north-Colombian and Panamanian sounds and suddenly realized there was a lot of amazing music with African roots produced in that part of the continent that had never gotten any attention abroad. At least that's how it was for me.
Sadly, when we think of Colombian music the first things that come to mind are salsa and mainstream pop (Shakira, Juanes) because that's what the country's music industry has exported with most success during the past two decades. They never bothered exporting the Afro-sounds of the Caribbean coast, but that's where the real cool shit is.
Soundway Records, the UK based world music label that has re-released a lot of forgotten gems from Panama and Colombia in  the last couple of years just came out with this new indispensable comp with twenty-one dance-floor packing tracks, available in digital but also in vinyl format.  I don't know anything about any of the artists included there and I was only familiar with a couple of them from previous compilations, so I won't even try to pretend that I know what I'm talking about. I only know I listened to it and I loved it and I can't wait to drop some of these at my next party.

Listen to two songs here or buy the digital album at your usual mp3 provider. 

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Ken said...

Absolutely worth the $$$ so go out and buy it!!!