Friday, June 11, 2010

DJ ZEPH-Batidas Latinas (Breakin Bread, 2010)

Now, this one I like so, so much that I feel kinda bad about posting about it because a part of me would like to keep it a secret, so I can be the only one playing this amazing mash-ups and DJ edits at the parties. This is exactly the type of shit I love to spin and the type of shit I know it'll go great with my mixed crowd of gringos and open minded Latinos and I really wish there were more releases like this out there, but I guess, because of copyright issues they're meant to be kept under the radar. In this case this vinyl release by one of Bay Area best hip-hop DJ's is only available in Europe through the London-based label Breakin Bread.
Most of the tracks are mash-ups of rap lyrics by the likes of Lyrics Born, Lauryn Hill, Jay-Z, etc over classic (maybe even common place) Latin tunes. I like the fact that they're very simple, striped-down productions, faithful to the originals, with the addition of some break beats, and cut in constant measures to make DJ mixing easier. They leave a lot of room for live manipulation and creative mixing. You can tell these are edits done by Zeph to be dropped in his own sets.
There's a little bit of everything, from Cuban bolero, to Brazilian samba, to cumbia, rumba, flamenco, mambo and Latin funk.  If you can't get your hands on the vinyl EPs, you can listen to some samples and buy the MP3s here. Or you can go to my next gig where I'm gonna be spinning this for sure.

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