Thursday, May 27, 2010


If you like break-beat-based music with Latin flavor, and you  know I do, you're gonna love this shit. There's not enough good quality music in this style released nowadays, so whenever I discover new (at least for me) stuff like this, it gets me all excited.
You know, I would thrive in a world where there were more clones of Quantic than Pitbull... and where that was the Latin music of choice by the Latino club scene. But the reality is that I live in a world were most people love dancing to mainstream crap as long as they can sing-along to a chorus they listen on the radio and unfortunately I have little chance to spin cool stuff like this. Don't get me wrong, I'll still do it, but maybe not in the peak of the night with the dance-floor packed, especially if it's packed by Spanish-speaking Latinos who no doubt, regard this type of music as "Latin music for gringos" (as they told me once when I was playing a Quantic track).
Anyway, I keep bringing Quantic's name up, because he's my main reference when it comes to DJ-oriented music made of funky break beats with Latin old school diggable samples. And because, to be honest, I'm not familiar with any of the artists involved in this EP that's actually a collection of remixes of tracks put out during the past three years in single format (you mean there're 7'' records of this out there? Where? I want! I want!) by this New York based record label aptly named Names You Can Trust. I don't know them, but after listening to their catalog, I know I can trust them and I'll be looking forward for more releases like this, so keep the coming!
Listen to it and buy it here.

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