Monday, May 3, 2010

Digging: 45 Rips For Y'all!

I've been doing quite a lot of digging lately, but I haven't posted a digging story on this blog in a long time. Today, I had some spare time and I decided to rip all my 7'' Latin records to digital and then I said, since I have them, why not share them with my readers? So here's the first batch of MP3 ripped from  seven inch vinyls, some of them are wack, maybe most are, but I love digging and collecting garbage, so if you're like that too, I know you'll enjoy this.
PS: More to come!

Los Diplomáticos - Navidad En Puerto Rico, Vol II (Discos Fuentes, date unknown): I found this one yesterday, in the first rack I checked, at a store where the owner warned me in advance "we don't carry Latin music." I hate Christmas music even more than any other type of religious music but I just bought it because it was from Fuentes. Three of the tracks are horrible xmas songs, the fourth one is a lovely instrumental cumbia that I can't stop listening (I didn't rip the other three, of course). Now, as far as I know Los Diplomáticos are from Colombia and according to the envelope that's where this was recorded, so why Puerto Rico? I have no idea.

Calixto Ochoa y su Conjunto - La Ombligona/Josefina (Discos Fuentes, date unknown): One of the legends of old school Colombian cumbia during the golden age of Discos Fuentes. Here are two up-beat party tracks with ridiculous lyrics. One of them talks about a black woman who has a huge belly button. Then the guy says he doesn't want to dance with her again because the last time he did she tried to kill him with her belly button. Go figure! Is that a metaphor for something in Colombian folk talk? Once again, I have no idea.

 2+2 de Colombia - Fiesta Disco Cumbias (Orfeon Records, 1979): During disco music's peak somebody had the great idea of combining a bunch of classic pop cumbia songs into two megamixes  with some cheap laser FXs and sell it as cumbia disco (similar to what Two Man Sound did with a bunch of sambas in their classic "Disco Samba"). But the staple four-to-the-floor beat that distinguishes disco music is nowhere to be found. Honestly, these are very bad chunks of versions of otherwise good cumbia songs like "La Pollera Colorada", "Se Va El Caimán" and my favorite "La Cosecha de Mujeres" which sung by women changes its meaning completely. How fun! Even though the "group" claims to be from Colombia in their name, I'm pretty sure they are from Mexico.

Los Corraleros De Majagual - Pajarito Platanero/El Viejo Baúl (Discos Fuentes, date unknown): One of the greatest and most influential Colombian cumbia bands of all times, with two tracks (one cumbia, one up-beat paseaito) that are pretty good but definitely not their best.

Bovea y Sus Vallenatos - Noche de Cumbia/Pajaro Amarillo (Miami Records, date unknown): I am not familiar at all with the artist but by the way it sounds I guess this is Colombian and from the 70's. Includes one traditional cumbia "Noche de Cumbia," pretty boring and slow and the other upbeat song, "Pajaro Amarillo" which I ripped it in two versions, the actual 45RPM and the "rebajada" at 33RPM because the instrumental part sounds a lot better like that, for possible sampling.  

Maura y Martha y Conjunto - Que se Hunda El Barco/No Me Caso Con Marinero (Dideca, date unknown): What women want? I don't think they can even answer that because they can't make up their minds. Look at these two broads, for example, on side A they sing about wanting to get married to a sailor, on side B they sing about not wanting to get married to a sailor. For reals! I have no fucking idea who they are or where they're from, but the record was pressed in Guatemala.

Ruperto y Los Miserables - Al Negro Le Gustan Todas (Orfeon Records, 1977): We may never find out what women want, but we do know what black men want, right? Yeah, they want to fuck all women, "blondes, fat, skinny, tall, married or single." At least that's what Ruperto says in this pre-political correctness song that starts with the guy yelling "Beware of the black guy."By today standards it'd be of course racist to sing a song with lyrics like that... unless you're a black commercial rapper in the US. (I did not rip the song on side B because it sucks).

Los Telefonistas -  Si Regresa La Paloma (Ramex Records 1983): This is just a piece of absolute trash. A horrible Tex-Mex cumbia with a ballad on the other side (not included in the rips), but I found it in the "free" pile of a record store and since it said "cumbia" on the label and "free" on the pile, I couldn't resist it.

Download all the rips on one folder from here. Enjoy and keep digging through the trash, keep vinyl alive!


Stinky Jim said...

Big thanks. The good, the bad & the ugly... much appreciated

elcubanito said...

Los Diplomáticos - Navidad en Puerto Rico, Vol. II (Discos Fuentes, fecha desconocida)