Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SACASSAIA-Sampleando Deus E O Mundo (Independent, 2010)

One of the most fascinating things about Brazilian music is how it constantly evolves seemingly without much external input. I mean, of course mainstream Brazilians are very 'gringocentric' in the sense that they are always looking up to the US and its music trends, but other than that, from an outsider point of view, it seems like a very self-contained music market. They produce a lot of amazing music and they consume a lot of that amazing music in a very isolated manner.
That's obviously caused by their distinctive language; being the only Portuguese-speaking country in the continent, they don't have too many chances to trade musical inspiration with their neighbors. They do export a few cheesy summer hits to the Spanish-speaking South America every season, but that's a one way road, for the most part, Brazilians appear to be absolutely clueless about what's going on musically in the countries that surround them.
That's why I was not surprised to see Argentine artists Frikstailers fuck around with Brazilian baile funk a couple of years ago, but I was immensely surprised when I found this album online yesterday and the first thing I heard was a Fauna-style neo-cumbia done in Spanish (or shall I say Portuñol?) by a group hailing from Brasilia. (The  only other prior intent of playing cumbia by a Brazilian that I can think of was when Carlinhos Brown sung "Cumbiamoura" in his Spanish album Carlitos Marrón, and it wasn't very good).
Sacassaia is a producer-MC duo that bases their musical explorations around the sampling of sounds from heterogeneous sources. They have an eclectic, distinctive sound that encompasses production traditions borrowed from reggae dub as much as J Dilla's school of hip-hop. And new-school cumbia fits right in there. In other words, they are tailor made for my personal taste.
Their debut album contains 12 tracks of which five went straight to my DJing playlist after listening to their first twenty seconds, so you know you'll be getting some of this shit in my future mixtapes for sure. Aside from the cumbia "El Culebrón" and their experiments with the MPC on "Ululai," my overall favorite track was "Gem Jam" a cool take on the Tom Tom Club's classic "Genious of love" with a dancehall riddim that did not remind me at any moment during its listening of Mariah Carey (as it usually happens when I listen to other people sample that), and that's a great thing!
Best thing, you can download the album free from their website. Yup, they just give it away! God, I love Brazil!

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DJ iZem said...

Mr juan
lovin' your blog like always...
I know actually a couple of brazilian cumbia tracks that you might like too
check out academia da berlinda (from Recife) album. "Bem melhor" and "cumbia do lutador"
let me know if you dig it !
Jérémie - http://www.groovalizacion.com