Sunday, April 4, 2010

Latino Resiste Vol. 1 (Free Download)

My colleague Caballo, a Colombian living in Canada, better known as one of the recurrent contributors to the Generation Bass blog, just sent me this one. He actually put together this amazing compilation of knew rebellious Latin music from across the continent and beyond, mixing all music styles but with a clear aesthetic unity pointing in the thirdworldist mestizo direction.
First I was shocked by the captivating artwork, done by the Colombian graphic artists Afromestiza of whom I've been a big fan for a long time (and I bluntly stole some ideas from them in a few of my own design works), these are the guys who did Sergent García's Cumbia Muffin EP's art, so you know we're talking some pro-looking shit here. That, from the get go, sets this comp apart from most of the other free-download-blogger comps out there.
While I was downloading it, I crossed my fingers, hoping the music and the sound quality would match the expectations set by the art and let me tell you, I was not disappointed at all. At least half of the tracks went directly to my selective DJ set play-list after listening the first 20 seconds of each and maybe some of the rest will make it there after further examination. I barely got this minutes ago so I can't pass full judgment yet, but I guess, since it's free and you have nothing to lose, you might as well go ahead and download it too and experience it by yourself without being misguided by my totally biased opinions.


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