Thursday, March 18, 2010

DJ DUS-Soy Yo! (Produce, 2010)

I've never met DJ Dus but I can tell we could get along as friends because we have so much in common: we like remixing cumbia, we come from a hip-hop background, we appreciate good DJing skills and most importantly, we both represent ourselves publicly as cartoons!
DJ Dus comes from that bizarre place called Texas where everybody that matters is right now because of the SXSW conference, and he's gonna be performing there too. And as a good Texan neo-cumbia DJ, he shares with artists like Orion, those qualities we mentioned here a couple of posts below about the hip-hop-turntablism-break-beat-based appropriation of music. Because hip-hop-cumbia doesn't necessarily has to be about rapping over cumbia beats, or mashing up rap's acapellas with cumbia, but also, and more importantly, about understanding cumbia as a sampling source where to dig for breaks to manipulate in a turntablist way. That's why I like DJ Dus' productions so much and I've been using them on my sets and mixtapes since I started spinning cumbia, because he was already out there, way ahead of the game.
This is not an actual DJ Dus album, I think, but more like a collection of unreleased homemade tracks, most of them instrumentals, some remixes, some mash-ups, all good. You can listen to and buy the digital download here and the best thing is that you decide the price. So go ahead and support this artist and if you're in Austin go see him live this weekend.

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