Wednesday, March 31, 2010

CHICO TRUJILLO - Chico De oro (Barbes Records, 2010)

I'm happy to be the first one to announce the US debut of Chilean cumbia legends Chico Trujillo. We've spend many posts on this blog talking about the roots and evolution of new cumbia, mostly focusing on Mexico, Argentina and Colombia, but very little we talked about Chilean cumbia.
To be honest, the reason for that is that I personally know very little about Chilean cumbia. I do know cumbia is a very popular rhythm that's present at virtually every Chilean party, and I know Argentine cumbia artists are very well received by the Chilean listeners. But there hasn't been any exports of Chilean cumbia that managed to cross over to the international market. Well, that's about to change. Chico Trujillo has been already making noise in Europe and now it's time to bring their joyful, energetic, party music to the US.
To be released on May 11th by Barbes Records, the same guys from New York who a few years ago unleashed the chicha fever by introducing Americans to psychedelic Peruvian cumbia, Chico De Oro will be the first release of Chico Trujillo for this market and yes, it will be followed by a tour that you don't wanna miss. It's actually a compilation of some of their best songs from their previous four albums, about half of them are original compositions, the other half are versions of old-school 60's and 70's Colombian cumbias with a Chilean twist (hence their tag: "Cumbia Chilombiana").
Chico Trujillo's approach to cumbia comes from the thirdworldist mestizo ska/punk perspective, similar to the Argentinean band Agrupación Mamanis which we covered here before. Imagine if Mano Negra, Todos Tus Muertos or Los Auténticos Decadentes decided to form a cumbia band as a side project, to play nostalgic old party songs with an ironic sense of humor. That's pretty much Chico Trujillo: a party band, with attitude.
And judging by their music I bet they have no trouble turning any sleepy concert into a huge cumbia moshpit.
Tour dates to be announced soon!

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Ken said...

Great album. A MUST listen.