Saturday, February 27, 2010


Back in 2001 I recorded by very first published hip-hop mix, it was called "Viajes & Chicas" and we played it at my rap music radio show, back in Buenos Aires (I don't have a copy of it but somebody recorded it from the radio and put it somewhere online a couple of years ago). That was also my last hip-hop mix. 
After I moved to the US I got instantly disenchanted by the local bastardized and über-commercial version of hip-hop and I started experimenting with other music genres. 
Still, I consider hip-hop my four previous megamixes even though I mostly played cumbia breaks. Because in my perception real hip-hop DJing is not about mixing rap songs but about using other styles of music in a cut-and-paste way, emphasizing the break-beats. That's what the real, original hip-hop DJ's used to do (think Afrika Bambaataa) back in the day, they didn't play no rap records, because rap records didn't exist. So according to this definition, hip-hop is not so much a music genre, but a way of understanding and playing music from diverse music genres.
So anyway, all my previous mixes were hip-hop in that sense, but not rap music. Because for a while I've been staying at a prudent distance from rap music. But recently that changed with the news of Anita Tijoux coming to visit the US for the first time presenting her new amazing album 1977 (out on Nacional Records next April), I got so excited that I started listening to rap (and Spanish rap in particular) all over again and soon I fell back in love with it. And since I'm gonna be DJ'ing at Anita's show in Berkeley, CA, I decided to start practicing mixing rap again, something I haven't done for a long long time. From those practice sessions, came the idea of recording a mixtape with some of my favorite rap-en-español songs and that's how Verborragia happened. It's a 45 minute long set with rap songs from Spain, Chile, Argentina, Cuba and Mexico, some underground some mainstream, some classics, some brand new, but all of them good rap songs (0% reggaetón). Of course I was totally biased by my personal taste on my selection so don't be taking this as a faithful catalog of Hispanic rappers and don't start arguing about who I included and who I left out and why I didn't represent this or that country or crew. Everybody knows I love DJ Raff, and Griffi and Anita Tijoux and SFDK and Koxmoz, so of course I played more of those than other I like less. But maybe just because they happened to match the flow of the mix and others didn't.
Once again, this is not a cut-and-paste megamix, there are no flashy DJ effects here, no juxtaposition of multiple layers, no clever mixing of funny bits... none of the stuff you got used to expect from my previous four mixes published here. This is just rap songs, one after the next, simple as that, mostly mixed in real time with just a couple of minor pre-edits (to make some songs shorter). Maybe that's why this is my first unmasked album cover! Enjoy...

(For the detailed playlist you can always check my Play.FM channel)

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