Monday, February 8, 2010

Introducing DJ KOX TORTUGA

If you've been reading me for a while, you definitely heard of DJ Kox Tortuga since I mention him many times in this blog but I've never properly introduced him to you. Let me start by saying that he's an old friend of mine, long time partner in crime and one of my main influences as a DJ.
Many years before starting DJing, Tortuga (turtle in Spanish) was the MC of Los Adolfos, the first rap group in Argentina. That was around 1992 when hip-hop wasn't even an underground scene in my hometown. Then in the mid nineties he formed another band, SK84Life, uniting his passion for music and skateboarding, and with them he released an album in 1996. A year later he founded Tumbas, one of the main groups in the then-emerging hip-hop scene, the most progressive and experimental. That's when I met him and soon he started collaborating as a guest graphic designer in my hip-hop magazine.
Even though Tumbas soon became Zeta Bosio's protégés they never released a full album, just some loose tracks in compilations and underground tapes. Around 1998 Tumbas broke up and Tortuga started his solo career as a DJ/producer, leaving the constrains of hip-hop to dwell into the sounds of jungle, dub, electronica and beyond. In 2001 he released an avant-guard instrumental album under the moniker of Deep Taboo and that same year he became the on-stage DJ for underground rap group sensation La Organización, a group for whom I used to produce beats.
The following year La Organización mutated into Koxmoz and Tortuga became their main DJ and producer and added the Kox prefix to his name. After five years of hard work, Koxmoz released their first album, Tarde O Temprano, in 2006, and if you still don't have it you can buy it here. But they crossed over to the international crowd with their featured appearance on Gotan Project's second single for their second album: "Mi Confesión".
Following the unexpected immense success of that song, Tortuga (along with Trini7Dub, another Koxmoz producer) started a new side project exploring electronic tango under the name Kompadritoz and they released a handful of songs in some European compilations that focused on that sound (thanks to Generation Bass's DJ UMB!).
In the last couple of years, DJ Kox Tortuga, now the host at Dubtronik Internet Radio, also started exploring cumbia and blending it into his trademark cosmic-dub sound (some of his unreleased cumbia remixes can be heard in my megamixes). Recently he was featured in the Agrupación Mamanis remix-tribute album with a remix of the Cucumelo song.
Here's a long DJ set of his where he mixes cumbia and dub, it's over an hour long and it's called Sonido En Motado.

Download Here

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