Wednesday, February 24, 2010

DJ ORION - Carajo Colombia! (Raw Word Records, '10)

The Texas cumbia scene keeps surprising me, not only with amazing bands like Grupo Fantasma and Charanga Cakewalk, but also with very talented DJ's like Panik, Dus and Orion. Texas neo-cumbia DJ's seem to have in common one thing, and this is one thing that I like, they share some evident hip-hop roots, and being trained as hip-hop DJ's not only can they scratch they also have a better understanding of break beats.
Why did this happen and why did it happened in Texas, of all places, is still a mystery to me. You see, I'm very Californian that way, I've never been to Texas because in my imagination it's a scary place full of republican assholes and women with too much make-up. But when it comes to cumbia renaissance Texas is, apparently, the place to be. Maybe more so than San Francisco and New York, who get all the hipster hype.
This Texan DJ/producer is not an exception to the rule, but because of his particular background and his upbringing he has a different approach to Cumbia music than the rest. With Colombian and Puerto Rican parents and having grown up in Germany, DJ Orion brings a fresh perspective to the game that sets him apart from the Mexican/Chicano dominant scene. This shows in his remixes where he digs deep into old-school Colombian cumbia as well as some 70's Boriquan funk and blends it with hip-hop break beats. He even pays homage to hip-hop's old school bringing back some classic b-boy breaks by the Incredible Bongo Band and that was more than enough to gain my heart.
I also heard that he is an MC and has a side rapping project but he wisely managed to keep this away from his cumbia remixes, so all you rap haters can still dig this. The best thing about this collection of remixes? You can set the price for download. And after hearing it a few times and knowing that I'm gonna be blasting at least nine of the eleven tracks on my DJ set, let me tell you, it's worth more than a couple of bucks.


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Canalh said...

I really dig your articles. Went to listen (and buy) this one after your review !