Monday, February 1, 2010

BANDA DE TURISTAS-Magical Radiophonic Heart (Nacional Records, 2010)

I remember there was a time when I pretended to like indie rock, just to fit in. You know, you read all these influential music journalist in big-name magazines saying this or that band is totally genius and you go, "oh well, they must be really good then" and you sort of force yourself to like certain overrated artists and go ahead and repeat their opinions perpetuating that idiotic cycle, which in reality is no more than just a circle of fucking snobs masturbating together looking at themselves. Fuck that!
Every time I see a new band of indie wimps come out and be unanimously praised by all the music critics I feel that's exactly what's going on. And I sometimes still feel that rare need to fit in with the other music "experts" and follow their opinion and join the wankers club; but then I remind myself that I never really liked indie rock, especially not if it's retro, and I don't have to pretend I like it just to feel more respected as a music reviewer. Once again, fuck that!
So Nacional Records, the best record label in the US, recently released a CD by this indie band from Argentina and I pretty much love most of Nacional Records catalog, so I assume we have very compatible music taste and any time they release something it must be good, otherwise they wouldn't release it, right? So I'm like, OK, I know I don't really like indie rock and these sensitive-boy type dudes with hippie haircuts annoy the hell out of me, but I gotta give this a chance because 1) all the journalists are praising this band as the best new thing in Argentine rock (which is pretty much the same as saying "in Latin American rock") and 2) it has the Nacional Records seal of approval.
OK, so this is pretty much how it went down: I push play and listen to the first 30 seconds of the first song. I can't take it no longer. I skip to the second one and I find myself lowering the volume because I'm scared my roommate is gonna think that I suddenly became a gay hipster or something for listening to such wimpy melodies. Ten seconds later I have to eject the CD. I know that's not doing your job properly if you're a professional music writer, but you know what? Nobody is paying me for this so I don't have to force myself to sit through it. I fucking hate this. It sounds like music from 40 years ago! What the fuck?!
Nevertheless, I still think Banda De Turistas must be good if you are into that style of music, but then, what the fuck are you doing reading my blog? You should better be reading Club Fonograma, where I assure you they will love this shit and give it a great review.
Note aside, I still have plenty of love for Nacional Records because they announced for April the release of Ana Tijoux's 1977 and I was the one who openly begged them to publish that amazing album in the US before any other journalist or blogger even talked about it. I'm not saying that they pay THAT much attention to my blog and they actually follow my advice but hey, I'm gonna go ahead and take at least some credit for it. After all, I was the one who told Universal Records back in '01 that they should release La Mala Rodríguez in the US (true story!) and they should still be thanking me for it. In conclusion, if there's an influential journalist whose opinion I should follow, that should be myself.


Eve Ciudad said...

i had the exact same experience, nacional, 30-second couldn't stomach more, same. eff indie throwback music that carries cero peso, nothing to chew on, blah.

just found your blog, it's not like the banda de turistas listening experience. it's got a lot going on. so thanks for your blog.

Marcelo C said...

Que gracioso Juan, mucho


- Marcelo C