Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I was wondering which one was gonna be the first official review post of 2010? I'm happy the first new Latin album of the decade ended up being one by my very favorite DJ/Producer, the always amazing Chilean DJ Raff. It's a sequel to his impeccable Traveling Partners released in 2009 and nominated by The Hard Data as one of the best 11 releases of the year.
A collection of cut-and-paste tracks produced in Raff's computer while traveling through Mexico, Europe and Chile (this guy tours a lot, when will he come to the US West Coast?). Mostly all instrumentals except for one rap (I'm not familiar with the MC) and one mash-up with "payada" Chilean style (payada or paya is an improvisational battle rhyming type of singing, very similar to freestyle rap, common among the South American gauchos of the IXX century).
Unlike the first volume of the series, this one doesn't have any easy-to-chose single with pop appeal like that immortal "I need a beat." And unlike his debut album as a solo artist, Raffolution, it mainly shows Raff as a producer and not so much as the great turntablist he also happens to be, there's no scratch, no beat juggling, etc (when will we get a Raffolution Vol. II?).
Still, they are 8 great tracks and the best part of it is that you can download for free! So no complaining allowed. Thanks again for the free music! If this could be an indicator of what 2010 will be like, I'm very optimistic about this year in music.

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