Wednesday, November 18, 2009

EL REMOLON-Pibe Cosmo B-Sides (ZZK Records, '09)

Since yesterday, El Remolón's official debut album, Pibe Cosmo, is available for digital purchase on But I know most of you fuckers don't pay for downloads, that's why you come to this blog, expecting to find the bootleg link, right? So, instead of Pibe Cosmo, I'm gonna talk to you about Pibe Cosmo B-Sides which was posted yesterday on ZZK Records website for free download so all you cheap bastards can stop complaining.
I love El Remolón, not only because he's from my neighborhood, Caballito, which makes him instantly cool. But also because I share his view of cumbia and because his first release, Cumbia Bichera, in 2007 was like my introduction to all that amazing Zizek scene. If you listened closely to the three megamixes I published this year, they all have some Remolón in them, I think...
Anyway, I was talking about his view of cumbia and how he approaches it from his minimalist-electronica-IDM-mashup perspective. What I like about him, is like compared to the other more pretentious artsy neo-cumbia minimalists, El Remolón has a lot more of a sense of humor in the form of hipster irony, and besides acknowledging Colombian roots, he also makes fun of Argentine cumbia kitsch (his remix of Alcides' "Violeta") and he's not at all scared of flirting with (and deconstructing) pop standards (Madonna, Calle 13, MC Hammer), which makes him way more accessible for wider crowds.
Also from a DJ point of view, his tracks are really well constructed, really easy to mix and they usually leave a lot of black spaces (brakes) for DJ's manipulation, so even though he's not a DJ per se, he has a distinctive DJ mentality when producing. For all these reasons I tend to think that me and Remolón would get along very well as friends because we think very much alike. Our only difference is that he makes amazing music and I just talk shit.

Download Pibe Cosmo B-Sides HERE

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