Wednesday, November 4, 2009

CUCU DIAMANTES-Cuculand (Fun Machine Records, '09)

There was this Joaquín Sabina's song called "Yo quiero ser una chica Almodóvar," and the title kept popping up on my mind while listening to this album for the first time this morning.
CuCu Diamantes is a New Yorker of Cuban descent who used to sing (or still does, I don't know) for Yerba Buena, a pan-Hispanic collective directed by master producer Andrés Levín, known for mixing every single Latin music style that exists and somehow manage to make it sound cool. In 2005 Yerba Buena released their second album, Island Life (the island being Manhattan) which included the cumbia hit "El Burrito" sung by Miss CuCu (later in '07 it was re-released as a single with CuCu and über-nacos Los Tucanes de Tijuana with some neo-cumbia remixes by the likes of King Coya and Mexican Institute of Sound).
For her debut album however, CuCu stays at arms length from the all-encompassing Yerba Buena formula and their party anthems too focus mostly on old school bolero from a new millennium perspective. Now, I'm obviously not a big fan of the bolero genre, as I'm not too fond of songs that talk about love in a melodramatic way in general. However, I gotta admit that if I was the film director that I day-dream of being sometimes, and I was filming the sexploitation movies that I write in my downtime, I'd totally use her music because it sounds tailor-made for Almodóvar or for the case, a Latin Tarantino-wannabe (that's how high I think of myself in my imaginary parallel universe where I'm a film auteur).
Needless to say, I won't be DJing this shit too much, but my cousins birthday is coming up soon and I know she would love this, so I'm keeping it.

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