Monday, November 9, 2009

Bomba Estereo at La Peña de Berkeley

Living in the Bay Area has this one main drawback, most cool new bands skip our town during their tours. Yup, it's hard to believe that such a cosmopolitan and hip place like San Francisco is not automatically in everybody's list of places to perform during their US tour. Everybody goes to New York and Los Angeles first and then, maybe, if we are lucky, they consider paying a visit to NorCal. Sometimes they never come this way (when will The Pinker Tones play in San Francisco? Hello!!!). When it comes to cool new Latin music this becomes more evident than ever, because of the lack of show promoters interested in this genre in the area. So, unless you are content with seeing Los Amigos Invisibles ten times a year, if you live in SF you're always wishing there was a fast train that could take you down to LA for a night to catch a concert and bring you back right away (nobody wanna be stranded in depressing-ass LA!).
You see, the thing is Bomba Estéreo is like the hottest Latin band of 2009, scratch that, it is THE hottest Latin band of 2009, period (go ahead, Nacional Records, you can quote that). They performed in Texas early this year for the SXSW conference, then they did New York in the summer and of course LA and finally, in November, when we were about to lose all our hopes, they made it to the Bay Area. Not even to San Francisco (hard to believe there's not one fucking promoter wanting to put together a Bomba show in this city!) they performed on a Sunday night in Berkeley.
Yes, an off night in an off town and the show was a total success with the place packed like I've never seen it before. And this is the mind-bending part of the whole thing, it's almost impossible to get San Franciscans to cross the bridge at night and it's way too hard to convince them to go out on a Sunday night (I remember trying to be a Sunday night DJ...) and still, with all those factors against it, the show was a great success. Another incontestable piece of evidence that show promoters in SF are sleeping... or retarded.
Anyway, Bomba Estéreo gave an incredible performance. Like I already stated on this blog before, incorporating Liliana Saumet to the band has been the best thing ever that could happen to them. Bomba Estéreo was cool in a sophisticated-neo-cumbia kind of way before, then they added Li Saumet and, like the album title suggest, they blew up, pure FUEGO (something very similar happened this year to Buraka Som Systema too)! Not only is she a great vocalist who can transition flawlessly from rapping to singing like only very few can, she has an unbelievable amount of explosive energy and she's oh-so-fucking-hot!!!!!! Her grabbing the two microphones at once, while moaning and screaming and singing about hooking up, and her side-boob that made you pray for a wardrobe malfunction... man, it was like the closest thing to live porn!
Colombia keeps providing the rest of the boring-ass world with excellent party music like only them know how to do. Bomba Estéreo is the best thing to come out from Colombia since, what? Sidesteppper? Aterciopelados? Shakira? ...cumbia? If you still don't have Bomba Estéreo's album Estalla/Blow Up yet, you must get it now.

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