Thursday, November 19, 2009

AMANDITITITA-La Descarada Vol.2 (Sony/BMG, '09)

I should first say that I really like the basic concept of Amandititita, potentially at least, the whole short-chubby-smart-Mexican-brunette acting like if she was a tall-white-brainless-blonde-diva... what a great original formula!
However, unfortunately, the results tend to be kinda disappointing. She's got the neo-cumbia ironic sense of humor and the kitsch factor right, but musically and lyrics-wise she's pretty mediocre. She has this one style of faux-rapping-sort-of-singing that works out OK with her limited vocal skills but she uses and reuses the exact same verse and chorus structures in all her songs, so it gets too repetitive. It's like, once you heard one song, you pretty much can predict all the others.
When it comes to her lyrics, she tries too hard to come out with witty rhymes, and sometimes they work out and make you laugh, but most of the time are simple, obvious and predictable. From someone who constantly brags about studying literature in college (as if that was such a great achievement!), I'd expect a lot more. Like I mentioned here before, sometimes when she goes for shock-value on her rhymes, she reminds me a little too much of Molotov, and that's not good. In fact, that's gross.
Production-wise, this new album sounds a lot better than her debut, La Reina De La Anarcumbia, and I'm not sure yet, but I might be mixing some of these tracks in the future (the title track is not bad at all). The thing is, these are not DJ-oriented productions, like most other neo-cumbia releases. She aims for the pop audience and in Mexico she's probably adored by teenage girls who pimp out their myspaces (still) and flamboyant gay guys in their twenties. But the beats have nothing remarkable, there's no digging involved, no cool breaks, no obscure sampled references, non of the stuff, we, beat-heads like. They pretty much sound like average Mexican pop-cumbia except for the song "Tu Bling Bling" which sounds more like average Mexican indie-pop.
Amandititita could've been the Lilly Allen of neo-cumbia but she ended up being more of a one-trick pony like Lil'Momma.

Available only in Mexico, maybe as an import abroad or as a bootleg in a few blogs...

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