Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ZURITA-The Great Cumbia Swindle (Free Mix)

Like I already stated here once, listening to other people's mixtapes generally bores me to death. I almost never finish them and if I do is after skipping half of the content. Yeah, I know I'm a DJ and I make mixes and I expect people to listen to them so I should be more patient but most of the times those mixes suck and I can't help it.
Anyway, rants aside, I recently downloaded this new mix by Argentinean cumbia mash-up artist Zurita and had it on my Ipod for a couple of days until last night on my way out from the gym I finally decided to push play and oh, what a surprise!
I barely knew this guy, in fact I still don't know much about him but now I'm wishing I knew him before. The Great Cumbia Swindle rocks, it has plenty of classic cumbia with old school rap and Spanish dancehall all mixed with the right set of skills and it even contains a few unexpected surprises. That's what I like to hear. Besides my own megamixes, this is the only other cumbia mix I'm gonna leave permanently on my IPod. Keep up the good work!

Download it free HERE.

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Ken said...

A mix this tight needs a comment. I'm totally in agreement with you Juan, this is one of the most imaginative mixes available today in the Cumbia scene. Respect to Zurita. You can pick up his mash ups at Cabeza! for free.