Monday, October 26, 2009

SONIDO MARTINES PRESENTA-Nueva Cumbia Argentina (Soot, 2009)

If you just discovered cumbia's new school and are all excited about this exotic new music trend you will definitely find this compilation amazing. Sonido Martines is one of the most important players in the movement and a great researcher of old cumbia, an authentic cumbia digger that, not satisfied with Argentinean cumbia, decided to travel the continent in search for the roots and ramifications of this Colombian-turned-Panamerican music style. So if there's an authority you should trust when it comes to neo-cumbia, that's him.
That being said, if you have been following the current cumbia craze for the last couple of years, you probably already have most of the tracks included in this comp. There are two songs from the mandatory ZZK Vol.1 and two from El Hijo De la Cumbia's Freestyle De Ritmos. These are great songs, but there's no purpose in buying them twice, since they are the same versions. From the total of 13 tracks there were only three that I didn't already have. Sonido Martines himself provides only one track, a total rarity: a remix of a Peruvian classic cumbia with a Brazilian MC rapping on top. A great track, no doubt, but kinda doesn't fit in a compilation that has the words Argentina and Buenos Aires in all-caps in the title. There are a couple of other rarities that you might need to add to you collection, one track by Cumbia Villera pioneers Damas Gratis and one by the mythical DJ Taz who most people in Argentina point out to as the real founding father of the neo-cumbia trend (El Hijo De La Cumbia is his proud disciple). DJ Taz has been out of the public eye for a long time now so he didn't get to cash in the success of the hybrid genre he kick-started. Fortunately Sonido Martines was able to track him down and publish one of his songs (I wish I had the liner notes for the album because I don't really know if this is a new track he produced or one of his forgotten classics).
As a conclusion I have to point out the obvious once again, if you're going digital, you don't need to buy the whole album if you already have half of the tracks. However, there is vinyl EP version out there too that you might wanna get instead because most of those tracks have never before been published in that format.

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