Wednesday, October 7, 2009

SANTULLO - Bajofondo Presenta (2009)

Last night we hung out with the Bajofondo crew again. Remember my video-post of that time I tried to interview Gustavo Santaolalla backstage after their last show of the tour? Well last night it was the last show of another tour and it also happened to be in San Francisco, where I live.
It was a private show so nothing crazy, but after the concert they wanted to have a little party before heading back to their respective hometowns (Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Montevideo...) so with a group of friends we threw them a party at a restaurant and it was awesome. Not food and beer flying this time, though. All the band was there, except the girl who does the video projections, I didn't see her. Lots of hot girls, groupies?
The guys from Bajofondo ended up jamming with the musicians of the restaurant's house-band and whoever wanted to grab an instrument and play, the rest just danced and drunk as much as it's ok to drink on a Tuesday night. Somebody must have a picture of myself onstage playing the güiro along with Oscar-winning überproducer Gustavo Santaolalla. Yes, we played some cumbias! Can you imagine Bajofondo playing "La Negra Tomasa"? Me neither. But believe me, it happened last night. Or was it just a dream? Please someone send me those pics to confirm this.
Anyway, I spent a lot of time talking to Luciano Supervielle, who's Bajofondo's DJ and was the first member of the collective to get his solo album a couple of years ago. We know a lot of people in common with Luciano because he used to be very involved in the Uruguayan hip-hop scene during the second half of the nineties and those were the times when I used to travel to Montevideo to attend hip-hop shows or interview bands. In his solo album he had the guys from Contra las Cuerdas as guests (probably the best in Uruguayan rap) and he also has my dearly beloved Anita Tijoux, who I mention in almost every other post in this blog.
The thing is, there's a new solo album by a Bajofondo member out, Santullo and I got it a couple of days ago but didn't really dedicated enough time to listen to it until today. Let me tell you, I really loved this album, maybe even more than any other Bajofondo release, including Mar Dulce. Santullo sings and raps with the style and swagger of a tango poet which is totally unique. But tango is not only present in his characteristic voice and flow and the half-electronic-half-acoustic music background, it is also very present in the lyrics and the choice of words. I've heard people trying to do this same thing before but nobody can do it as naturally and convincingly as Santullo, he somehow managed to find the perfect balance between early-twentieth-century tanguero slang and very current urban topics.
The album has ten tracks, nine of them are all new compositions, the other one is a version of the hit single "Pa' Bailar" from Mar Dulce's remixes. Definitely worth checking it out.

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