Thursday, October 29, 2009

FEDERICO AUBELE-Amatoria Remixed (ESL Music, 2009)

I'm not too crazy about this one here. There was a time, back in the early 2000's when downtempo electronica fused with any cool world beat made me pee in my pants. When Federico's first album, Gran Hotel Buenos Aires (2004) came out, I loved it. They released it in three beautiful 10 inches vinyl EP's which still have a special place in my collection. For many years I was a lounge music DJ at restaurants and bars and I played the shit out of those. Both singles "Postales" and "Esta Noche" have been staples of my DJ sets for a long time, however my personal favorite was "Mona" because of the phrase "En San Francisco se había prostituido" which makes me smirk every time I hear it (I gotta sample that!).
Then it all changed when I saw him live and his show was almost as boring as a baseball game (and believe me, in my book there's nothing, and I mean nothing, as boring as a baseball game). That was the end of my affair with Federico's music. I kept playing his old stuff but more out of inertia than pleasure. Like when you keep fucking with your ex just because you got used to it and she's there and you don't find her attractive anymore but oh well...
So I pretty much stop paying attention to his following releases, Panamericana (2007) and Amatoria (2009), until today when I accidentally ran into this remixes EP of Amatoria and decided to give it a chance because I figured, since they are remixes, maybe they're fun and help me get rid of that idea of instant boredom that comes to my mind every time I picture his jewfro. "Suena Mi Guitarra" (Son Of Kick Remix) is definitely my favorite and I'll probably be playing it in my electro sets, "Otra Vez" (Gianna Breaks Remix) is not too bad either. The rest sound pretty much like Federico Aubele himself except for the house remix of "Otra Vez" that has a cheesy bass line that's just plain horrible.

Available on emusic, itunes, amazon, etc.

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Bootlegumachine! said...

He went to the school where i was "studyng" music, and he show us some of his first works, recording guitar in a sampler, and making some minimal tecno!!!... and yeah, the other stuff was sooo boring, but he was nicer enough to pass me some of that tecno stuff that i liked hehe. Es bien buena onda el Fede.