Tuesday, September 1, 2009

ALTA JOYA - Cumbianture Time! (Free Mix)

I'm gonna be honest here, I almost never listen to the mixes of other DJ's, I have no patience for that. Another reason why am I so thankful to the 400 plus people that downloaded (and hopefully listened to) Linyerismo Episode II. Nowadays there are too many of blogging DJ's posting neo-cumbia mixes online, because, c'mon, we all know with the current technology this is a pretty easy thing to do, right?
So why did I listened to this one in particular? One, because of the amazing cover artwork done by the same designer who did Zizek's latest comp (that's definitely a big plus, having some cool original art along with your mix, so you take notes if you want me to listen to you shit). Two, because Alta Joya (from Cooliado blog) is a cool on-line friend of mine and she might not have super mixing skills yet but she's hot and hella nice and most importantly, she's got beautiful nipples and she likes showing them (so there, lesson number two for up and coming DJ's, show your boobs!). Both gimmicks worked perfectly in convincing me to listen to her mix, so here it is for you to listen too, while we all wait for the publishing of my new megamaximix coming up in a few days and blowing all your fucking minds away.

Download Here

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