Friday, August 14, 2009

DJ ROGER MÁS 7''s (Club Unicornio, '09)

So you thought that the only people playing cumbia mash-ups and releasing vinyl records in San Francisco were Oro11 and Disco Shawn from Bersa Discos? You were wrong my friend. Because even before them there were these other two Latin-music-loving gringos named DJ Roger Más and El Kool Kyle who host the weekly party El Superritmo. They might not get all the cool hipster buzz that the Bersa guys get but they have done some equally interesting stuff in the last couple of years and deserve to be recognized.
Last night I was supposed to DJ with Roger Más at his new weekly party called Oyelo! and I totally forgot. I was DJing somewhere else and I got totally drunk because they only payed me with drinks, yeah I'm a cheap whore sometimes. So at the end of my gig I decided to walk by Roger's party just to say hi and show my support because he was just a couple of blocks away. When I got there I saw him all by himself and I know he usually has good guests, so I asked him "so... it's just you tonight?" and he's like "no, it's you and me". Holy fuck! I hate flaking on people, I never do that, so I ran home, grabbed my shit and came back. It turned out, the few people that were at the party, by the time I came back were all gone, so I basically just played for Roger, his friend and the bartender.
That was my one way to show him some love and avoiding feeling guilty for the rest of the week. My other way is by writing a good review of his two 7'' vinyl releases under local label Club Unicornio (I need to research more about these label, apparently they published some shit by master-digger DJ Lengua which I bet it's pretty cool too).
For starters, you already know 7 inch vinyl is by far my favorite format in the whole music universe, so even if the songs sucked (which fortunately they don't) I'd give them a positive review, like I did with Shakira a couple of posts below. I don't know what is it that I like so much about 7'' records; is it that they're tiny and I'm like one of those stupid girls who think everything mini is "cute"? is it that they are portable, they don't weight a ton and they don't waste space with a bunch of tracks when you only gonna play one from that record anyway? or is it their glory-hole-size holes that subconsciously remind me of my porn years?
The thing is Club Unicornio released the first one of this two, the green one, a few months ago, and the orange one just came out recently and is still not available for purchase but will be soon. You should buy them both but I definitely like the green one better. It has a song called "Cumbia Bonita" that sounds more like a mambo with electro and I'll be most definitely including in one of my future mixes. The orange one has two versions of the same track that are way too similar, which is sort of like a waste of grooves because it'd be much nicer to have two different songs or at least a remix done by other artists. Anyway, like I said before, you need to buy them both, even if it's just to support the initiative of small independent labels who put a lot of effort in keeping vinyl alive.

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Soul Cocina said...

That DJ Lengua record is worth seeking out. I'll try rip a track or two from the vinyl to share a sample of the sounds next week.

I gotta get hip to that orange 7".