Monday, August 31, 2009

Dermafilia Art Show 8/29/09 in the Mission, SF

Longest post ever! This video is over 4 hours long!!! It's the uncut recording of a crazy ass party held last Saturday right here in the heart of the Mission District, San Francisco, at a tattoo parlor called Dermafilia. Almost every single Spanish speaking MC in town performed that day, some English speakers too, lots of freestyle, some punk rock en español and if you fast forward till right at the very end (3:57 aprox) you'll get to see DJ Juan Data spinning cumbia with live band and MC's freestyling on top. Unfortunately the video only shows the first few minutes of that performance, which was the last act of the night, but you'll be able to get an idea of how we get down in the Latin underground of San Francisco, CA, mixing cumbia and hip-hop!!!

PS: If you are patient and you have a lot of time to waste and you wanna watch the whole thing, you'll also find the unmasked Juan Data dropping some rhymes on the cipher somewhere in the middle.

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