Thursday, July 16, 2009


This could be the review of Fantasma's new album Ciudad Fantasma, and I'd probably be saying that I love this shit because it's exactly what neo-cumbia from Argentina should be more: kistchy, tacky, unpretentious, dancy, fun, gritty, hip-hoppy and very original.
I prefer listening to these guys over any of the artsy cut-and-paste minimalists out there, because they do embody the real spirit of cumbia, as in music from the slums for the slums. They even do some social work in the slums, and they've been doing new-school cumbia since way before it was cool for hipsters and foreigners.
So, why aren't they getting all the hype they deserve? Maybe because their CD's are impossible to find and when I asked them for a copy to review it they only sent me two songs! And I would totally buy their complete discography if it was available for legal downloads but when you search for a cumbia band named Fantasma you come accross Grupo Fantasma, from Texas, who are pretty amazing in their own way, but it's not the same. So here you go, listen to these two tracks and you two will be wishing you could get your hands on the whole album.

FANTASMA - Encantador de Serpientes
FANTASMA - Muévelo que sube

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