Monday, July 20, 2009

Sargento García & Curumin @ Stern Grove Festival

Hey you! Are you an ugly, fat, undereducated asshole who hates music, youth and gets laid once every five years? I have the perfect summer job for you: become a security motherfucker at Stern Grove Festival!
Stern Grove is a pretty nice park located in "the other side" of the city, where nobody ever goes because it's always winter while on our side we enjoy the warm summer sun. Every summer, in an effort to remind us that the foggy side of the city actually exists, they put this great concert series with top international stars... all free!
So us, smiling, nice, bicycle-riding people from the sunny side take a journey into the scary fog for a nice Sunday pick-nick with music just to be welcomed by an army of cavemen in yellow Polo shirts whose main purpose in life is to make our stay the most uncomfortable possible.
You can't stand here, you have to move, go that way, no sitting over there, back off, stay behind the yellow line, there's already a lot of people so there's no more room for you, stay out, etc.
How the fuck are we supposed to enjoy music in the park with this assholes interrupting us every two minutes to remind us that smoking and taking pictures is strictly forbidden? Jeez! Is this what happens to people when they're not exposed to the sunlight more than twice a year?
Anyway, rants aside, Curumin was really good, he brought Ceu and Lateef The Truthspeaker as guests and a whole lotta hot Brazilian girls as audience. Most of the crowd, however, was waiting for the Sergent.
I was amazed at how crowded the park was, there was people everywhere you looked and I couldn't walk two steps in any direction without running into somebody I know. The only time in my life this ever happened outside of my neighborhood was at Manu Chao's first Bay Area concert in 2006. Every-fucking-body and their mothers was there!
And then I wondered, is Sergent García's music so popular? Because when I try to play his music at the parties, from the most underground to the very mainstream Latino parties, I never get that type of response from the dancers.
My theory is that 60% of the crowd probably sort of knew one or two songs from Mr. García from a Putumayo compilation. 39% only went to the concert because it was free and because they followed their friends when they told them "come, some latino dude named something García who sounds like Manu Chao is playing at the park". 1% actually had a CD and could sing-along with the band. Anyway, 100% had a great time, or would've had a great time if it wasn't for the security assholes.

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