Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PEDRO INFAME - Latinchrist Superstar LP (Free Download)

In case you were wondering where did I get that amazing remix of El General's "Mamita Apretadita" that plays at the end of Linyerismo Episode II, well here is your mystery revealed. Venezuelan mash-up artist Pedro Infame has just released for free online distribution his first official compilation of remixes aptly titled Latinchrist Superstar. It includes the aforementioned mash-up, which he had shared with me while ago, as well as other gems worth checking out. It also comes with a cover picture of a transvestite Hugo Chavez. So you get the idea, this guy doesn't respect any son of God or political figure, so don't expect him to pay respect to MC Hammer, Lenny Kravitz or the Beastie Boys. He just doesn't give a fuck and destroy their songs with results that... well they might not be all that awesome, but they definitely are all quite interesting. Not bad for a guy coming from the telenovelas country that only exports cheesy-ass music.

Download HERE

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