Thursday, July 9, 2009

MONTENEGRO - Fugitives of Pleasure and Pasajeros (Feed The Hungry Records, '09)

Everytime I remember Los Angeles' "rock en español" scene I get depressed. I lived down there for a couple of years and I was actively involved in that scene, in fact, that's where I started DJ'ing eight years ago. But all those bands, ugh! I'm sorry but nine point nine out of ten times, they suck.
It's like, half of them are stuck in time; you can tell from their influences that all they listen to is the cassettes they brought with them when they crossed the border fifteen years ago. Depressing.
The other half are a little more "Americanized" and they try to do modern cool stuff, but they are mediocre musicians, they can't make it into the mainstream Anglo market, so they settle with singing in Spanish, targeting a niche market that arguably demands less quality. Like if just for playing in the "rock en español" scene you could suddenly get away with sucking, only because your lyrics are in Spanish. Way more depressing!
I've only met a handful of good artists among that scene who were doing innovative stuff and playing with skills that could compete in the Anglo mainstream scene. This guy Kinski is one of them. He had different bands at the time, Idle, Madrepore, whatever, now they're called Monte Negro and they still play bilingual rock (and sound equally good in both languages) that you might like if you like Gustavo Cerati's latest opus. At least that's what they sound like to me, but what do I know? I don't really listen to rock music. Maybe they just reminds me of Cerati because I was hanging out with Kinski during Cerati's concert in NY back in '06.
Anyway, if you like radio-friendly rock music you should check out these guys, they are about to release this five-song EP that you can actually buy in CD format with a free t-shirt and stickers and autographs and all that junk record labels come up with nowadays so people don't just download illegally.

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