Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ELECTROTRIBAL - Electro Cumbia (Roraima Records, 2009)

As I mentioned here before, nowadays you can expect to hear new electronic cumbia coming out from pretty much any corner of the world (Australia, Netherlands, Italy...). However, my big surprise came when I found neo-cumbia in Venezuela.
I have not been fair to Venezuela in my recent posts, the reason being that I was never able to understand how come being right next to Colombia, Venezuela is the only Spanish-speaking country in South America where cumbia is not popular. This is all ignorance of mine, because I've never been to Mr. Chávez country, but I met many Venezuelans living abroad (and dated a few) and all they dance to is salsa and corny-ass merengue-hip-hop.
So I'm calling out to any Venezuelan reading this blog to come out and explain this strange phenomenon to me.
Maybe these guys will, their name is Electrotribal and they are from Carabobo, they play housy dance music and they have a song called "Electro cumbia" and a EP available for sale here with remixes of that one track; which is an interesting approach to the classic vallenato that Samim sampled for his crossover hit of last year, "Heater". In fact, I like this version even more because it has the vocals.
Anyway, Electroribal are not exclusively about cumbia but they have more than one track where they use this contagious colombian sound as sampling source. They have recently finished one called "Con Cuatro y Maraca" in collaboration with another cool Venezuelan (and one that has been deeply involved in the new school of cumbia when working with Sonidero Nacional) Blankito Man.
So my point here is, are these guys the exeption to the rule or are there more Venezuelan cumbiancheros hiding in the underground?

Free Download: Electrotribal - Electro Cumbia

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