Wednesday, June 24, 2009

VILLA DIAMANTE - Empacho Digital (Free Download)

If you are into Zizek and Argentinean new school cumbia, you must already be more than familiar with Diego Bulacio, A.K.A. Villa Diamante. He was one of the founders and first DJ's of Zizek club in Buenos Aires so he's regarded by many as one of the pineers of that scene. I, myself, discovered with excitement this whole new scene a few years ago by a comment I found online about his first series of mash-ups so I have to thank him for the heads-up.
Now Villa Diamante is releasing for free download a huge collection of his past work, Empacho Digital. Many of these mash-ups have been published on several blogs during the past months, so if you've been following him, like I've been, you'll find that you already have most of the tracks. I don't really know if these are new versions or remastered versions with a better sound, but I hope so, some of the originals didn't sound very good, so I'm downloading them again anyway.
Now Empacho Digital is divided in three virtual albums, with a total of 42 tracks and only very few of them have any cumbia. You'll find lots of different genres here, mashed up together in a way that's very respectful (maybe too much) to the originals in keeping the forms and structures of the songs and adding very little extra condiments. Many of the mixes are fun to listen to, specially if you know the originals beforehand. Only a couple are dancefloor-oriented. Some of the raps are disappointing when the MC's go off beat. But still, it's a great collection with such a variety of styles that you'll definitely find some you'll like and since they are free, you don't waste anything by giving them a chance. Big props to the art designer, I loved that cover!

Download here.

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