Sunday, June 21, 2009

LULACRUZA - Canta (Free EP)

There was a track from these guys in Zizek's second comp so I assumed they were from Buenos Aires. One of the members actually is, but they both live in the Bay Area, CA. I had no idea we were almost neighbors until yesterday when we randomly ended up seating at the same table during a wedding reception (a wedding where cumbia was danced as a ritual during the ceremony!).
We started talking and we realized we had plenty of people we knew in common (besides the recently married couple), and we've been at many of the same events but we've never actually met, which is odd in a city like San Francisco where we constantly get that feeling that we all know each other.
Anyway, Lulacuza are actually Alejandra Ortiz and Luis Maurette, Colombian and Argentinean respectively, and they make beautiful music. She sings, he makes noises and push buttons and the results are pretty amazing. Nobody would dare qualify them as cumbia artists but they certainly do have some clear cumbia influences in their melodies and rhythm (among other Latin American folk sounds) and even though they approach it from the techno point of view, they do not focus on making people dance. So if you're looking for dancefloor-packing hip-shaking beats with a straight-forward güiro sound and/or cut-and-paste DJ-oriented cumbia tracks, this is probably not for you.
Lulacruza is just plain beautiful music with a refined minimalist techno feel to it that makes it more sophisticated and "artsy" if you may (but not necessarily pretentious), sort of what other underrepresented Zizek artists like Gaby Kerpel and Alex Krygier are doing, but overall they remind me a lot of Juana Molina, and I mean that as a compliment. They have a couple of albums out and this recent 8-tracks EP with remixes by neo-cumbia luminaries like Kerpel himself, Colombia's Pernett and Pasternak, who we know from Bersa Discos releases.
To add to their extreme coolness, the EP is sold online at whatever price you wanna pay (starting from zero) and they give you many options regarding the level of compression of the tracks so you can actually get them in super high quality if you want (and/or have enough room in your drive). Man, I can't wait to start fucking around with their music and blend it into my next Linyerismo episode!

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