Thursday, May 21, 2009

TOY SELECTAH - Bersa Discos #5

Bersa Discos is the first neo-cumbia specialized record label and this is their fifth release and probably their best one. The previous four were mostly compilations of up and coming artists like DJ Negro, Panik DJ and Bersa's own Oro11. For this one however, they dedicated the whole 12 inches of the vinyl to the biggest name in neo-cumbia: Toy Selectah.
My biggest regret right now is having finished my Linyerismo Episode II mix-set before getting this record. Some of these tracks would've worked perfectly for the last five or ten minutes where I was struggling to find what else to play. But anyway, it already had enough Toy Selectah-if there could be such a thing.
Similarly to what Toy already did for his Mad Decent digital release of last month, on this one the former Control Machete producer goes way beyond the standard limitations of traditional cumbia and breaks in new territory in some weird futuristic space that he calls "ravertón". It still has the constant cumbia güiro sound somewhere in there, but the BPM's are more like in the range of the 130 instead of the classic average 90. So I don't think this can qualify as cumbia anymore even though many of the main elements are present there.
Toy likes to fill his mixes with infinite layers upon layers of small details and his tracks rarely take breaks or calm down, they are a constant on going inferno of crazy dancing where cumbia blends with reggaetón and retro-acid-rave (he's been using the cliched Lynn Collins' "Think" sample from the hip-house era a little too much if you ask me).
The six tracks included in this EP are amazing but my favorite is his take on DJ Negro's "Mundo Querido" which is the best set-opening track possible. Right now the record is only available in vinyl format on Turntable Lab and I recommend you get a copy before it sells out, which will happen, no doubt, since this will potentially turn into a collective item. Soon they will also release it for digital download. Meanwhile you can listen to their promotional track here.

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