Saturday, May 16, 2009

LINYERISMO - Episode II by DJ Juan Data - FREE

If you were wondering why I wasn't posting for the last few weeks, well here is the answer, I was busy working on the sequel for my Linyerismo mixtape. It is not really a mixtape per se, because there's no tape involved of course, but if there was a cassette this would be the other side to that same cassette.
Episode II starts right were Episode I left, that is at 110 BPM, and takes the listener in a journey further away from the traditional cumbia tempo into the lands of electro in 130BPM. So, even though cumbia is still present throughout the mix, there are plenty of other eclectic condiments to this salad.
Now for all you DJ's and turntablism connoiseurs wondering how Linyerismo was recorded let me tell you that the equipment used was a Macbook with Torq Connective, a Technics 1200MK2 turntable, a Denon two channel mixer and a Trigger Finger by M-Audio. Even though it might seem at times that it was edited in a loop sequencing software like Garage Band or Ableton Live, all the mixes were recorded in real time, with two channels only. Of course, it was recorded in ten million takes, so every time you hear more than two tracks playing at once (which is almost constantly) it means that I mixed two songs first, recorded it, then played it again and added a third one on top, and so on. That's why it took me so long. And that's also why there's little bits where I come in slightly out of tempo.

Anyway, you can download Linyerismo Episode II for free - HERE


Bootlegumachine! said...

Señior Juan Data!, muy buen material, lo he intentado agregar al "maispeis" y no permite bandas haha. Aqui le dejo el mio, espero me pueda agregar, rifa bien chido!!.

german said...

Saludos desde Barcelona Mr. Data . Muy buenas las sessions, Linyerismo Episode II la he agregado al playlist de la Newton... visita Newton Las Pelotas!