Thursday, April 2, 2009

MEXICAN INSTITUTE OF SOUND- Soy Sauce (Nacional Records, '09)

I'm gonna be sharing the stage with Camilo Lara's alter-ego M.I.S. in a couple of weeks and I want everybody to go and buy their tickets so I can pay my rent, hence this review is absolutely biased. Well, not quite, I actually liked this album a lot. It has so many funny ironic references to pop culture and Mexican naco subculture that it's like über-hipster and who doesn't like mexi-hipsters?
It's like, dude, I'm so sick of the orthodox mexi-rockers and the annoying Maná-listening mexi-fresas (and don't even get me started with the chuntie-góticos and all those Morrisey-worshiping freaks) that in comparison mexi-hipsters, even with their nerdy glasses and fluo sneakers, are actually tolerable. If only they stopped yapping so much about how great Café Tacvba's Reves/Yo Soy is...
Anyway, Soy Sauce has a lot of neo-cumbia (that I'll be mixing on my future sets and mix-tapes for sure), a lot of cut-and-paste collage (but not as much as in previous records because there's more live instrumentation in this one), a couple of dance-floor friendly tracks and a few unexpected twists and turns that will definitely make you laugh when you listen to them the first and maybe second time.
For example his translated cover of The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" (credited to Mick Jagger and Keith Richards even though they didn't write one note or word from it!) sung like Biz Markie's "Just a Friend"... Oh my! I had to stop and laugh again. This guy is so ridiculous! I love that he doesn't take himself seriously at all. His whole album is filled with toungue-in-cheek humor and sometimes you just can't tell if you are laughing at him or with him.
I don't know, I'd be embarrassed of doing some of that stuff in public, like pretending to rap when you have absolutely no flow or rhyming skills, and still pull it. But he doesn't give a shit and that's what's so good about him, he goes out like, "yeah, I can't rap and I know it, but I'll do it anyway and all you hardcore underground MC's from the hood can kiss my bourgeois ass because I get Ad Rock from the Beastie Boys to remix one of my tracks (listen to it below) while you have freestyle cyber-battles on internet forums."
Of course, back in the day I used to be one of those purist hip-hop heads who would've hated the guts of this motherfucker so I totally understand if you can't really get into his wacky pseudo-flow but you know what, grow the fuck up!
Anyway, stop wasting your time reading this bullshit, go and buy this album when it comes out on April 7th, go see him in Coachella on April 19th or even better, come see him live on April 17th at the Red Devil Lounge with DJ Juan Data, if you live in NorCal!

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