Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Buraka Som Sistema- Life at 145BPM

After a crazy weekend packed with amazing shows (Zizek, M.I.S., Bajofondo, Cypress...) my expectations were low for Buraka even though I've already seen them live last year and they rocked. I just thought nothing else could surprise me after that unexpected Bajofondo surprise.
I was so wrong.
Buraka Som Sistema's show was like going to an aerobics class at a sauna during Burning Man. It just happened to be the hottest day of the year, so far, over here and somehow BSS managed to make it even hotter. Not only with their super-up-tempo beats that never go below 130 BPM but also by improving notoriously their stage performance by adding a live drummer an a singer/dancer girl names Blaya who's simply TOO HOT TO BE HUMAN.
W-O-W! I saw BSS last year for their Tormenta Tropical performance and they blew my mind but this was way way way better. I was right next to the stage and it felt like being at a rave and a grindcore metal concert at the same time. It was a non-stop moshpit of dancers in fluo clothes sweating their asses off and every time Blaya would come on stage, things would dial up to surreal levels of wildness.
Kuduro is definitely the new favela funk. Buraka Som Sistema is the best thing to ever come out of Portugal since... Brazil!

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