Thursday, April 23, 2009


So far this blog has only covered current stuff, so this post is going to be the first exception to that rule. Recently a guy I've never personally met from the old country contacted me saying that he wanted to unearth a long forgotten relic from my past and publish it online. I thought about it first and then I said, why not? I've done waaaaaay more embarrassing stuff that can be found online so why not posting that EP I recorded ten years ago under the alter-ego of Mangaka, when I was still trying to be a rapper?
So I went through my old files, found it and zipped it and sent it to him and today he posted it on his blog. And then I thought, oh, well, since it's already there, it should be here too, right? So here it is, now you too can download it and make fun of my lack of microphone skills.

Download (at your own risk)

The story goes something like this: it was back in 1999 and I was done publishing my hip-hop magazine after three years and I was trying to come out with something different. I tried rapping many times before, and I was part of plenty of groups as a teenager which fortunately didn't leave any recorded audio behind. At that time I was very much involved with the entourage of the rap super-group La Organización and I knew their debut album would change once and for all Argentinean hip-hop but they were taking way too long to put out a record and since nobody else was releasing any interesting new-school rap at the moment, I decided to do it myself and I dragged with me a whole new breed or local talents.
Amongst the many guests is Apolo Rodas (now known as Apolo Novax from the group Koxmoz) in a track that became sort of like the single of that EP. Apolo would become one of the hottest rappers in Latin America but his first actual release was his short collaboration in my song Lección Número Uno (many years later with Koxmoz he would release a song called Lección Número Dos) so even though the CD sucked balls and sold like 50 copies, it does have some sort of historical relevance. Also it was in that same track that Apolo dissed Sindicato Argentino del Hip Hop for the first recorded time, hence it was the beginning of a decade-long feud between these artists.
Later in 2000 Apolo became a recurrent intruder in my house and on my computer we produced most of the instrumentals for La Diferencia, which was going to be the debut album by La Organización. La Organización, also known as La Oz, consisted of three MC's: Mustafá Yoda (now a successful solo artist) Apolo Rodas and Interceptor, now known as Chili Parker of Koxmoz.
In 2001 I left Argentina without ever finishing the production of those demos and a couple of months later Mustafá abandoned the project so the tracks were never finished, nor they were properly mastered. Still they decided to release them anyway as a self-bootleg and recently it was also unearthed from the vaults of the forgotten by the same archeological blogger. So if you liked Koxmoz and/or Mustafá Yoda and you wanna know what were they doing before they became sort of famous, now you can download it here too!

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